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Easy-to-use web based sales software for dealers

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After digitalizing the Swedish Caravan industry Verendus is now launching in Europe

Verendus Sales™ is developed closely together with several Swedish caravan and motor home dealerships. It is a unique web based easy-to-use business support for the caravan industry and fully adapted to the requirements and needs of the caravan dealers.

Caravan and motor home producers and financial corporation in the industry are also in cooperated with Verendus Sales™ further development.

Time is money
The main thought behind Verendus Sales™ is to offer caravan and motor home dealers the most efficient and time saving sales management system on the market. It gives you the possibility to improve your business through more control over margins, add-on costs, trade-in value, and more. Developed together in close interaction with several dealers, it has brought the most adapted system to the caravan market.

User-friendly from the start
Starting to use Verendus Sales™ is easy, even with no or little computer skills. From the start, the developers have focused on a user-friendly interface and simplifying the process of using the system. Within hours from ordering, you will be able to start using the Verendus Sales™. The Verendus team will support installation and administrations, making you feel at ease. Being web based the system allows you to access numbers, prices and statistics directly when you need them. And of course we use safe SSL- encryption; the very same used in web based banking systems.

The best tool for Customer relations
Verendus Sales™ is the first module from Verendus. It covers all steps in the sales process, such as sales support with calculation of margins, up to date pricelists from producers, printable sales quotes. In addition it automatically updates your warehouse database on sales or trade-ins. Also you will have a complete and easy-to-use directory of customers in your database to improve after sales follow up and customer relations.

“Using Verendus you could work  with all suppliers in the same system. Just as you like it!”

 Sales quotes

Within minutes you could create a sales quote with estimates for added on equipment and proposal for financing as well as trade-in value.
A professional sales quote could be printed or e-mailed to the customer directly from the system.

Prices listed from the Caravan Suppliers are continuously updated in the system directly by the Verendus team.

Customers directory

All customers, even if they only received a sales quote are saved in the directory.

You are able to set a reminder for follow-up to improve customer satisfaction after delivery.