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Producer Support

The module for producers and importers for handling market statistics to get decision basis.

When your dealers are using the web based sales support system Verendus Sales™ you will be able to follow their actions live on your screen. You will get immediate and objective answers to questions as:

  • Sales quotes made per vehicle and model?
  • Number of sales quotes made daily/weekly/monthly?
  • Your ROI on promotion, fair and advertisement offers?
  • Age and location of your final customers?
  • Customer loyalty towards dealers?
  • How do customers finance their purchases?

All figures are broken down by day, week, month and year but also by district. All data is easily exported from the system to be presented to staff, board or other stakeholders. The more dealers using Verendus Sales™ the more detailed your market overview will be.

Doing the right thing
Verendus Producer™ Support gives immediate and objective information for example on where buyers are located, age, loyalty as well as if they are first time buyers. Verendus could also give you statistics on trade-ins and financing. Since you also on a daily basis get insight in how your promotion and sales offers are used, you will able to change market strategy or promotions to be more efficient and adapted to the current situation.

More efficient production planning
Verendus Producer Support™ shows what vehicles and models are trending and top selling as well as models having a decline in demand. This will not only give you market insight but also an opportunity to adjust your production to be adapted to the current market situation. At any time you could access numbers on vehicles to be delivered to the final customers and see vehicles in stock at the dealers, all without having to wait for monthly reports.

Increased transparency

Verendus Producer Support™ will increase transparency between and bring benefits to customers, dealers and producers. Customers get what they want when they want it, producers produce what is demanded and the dealers could focus on business and good customer relations.

Verendus Producer Support™ and Verendus Sales™ will be launched fall 2012